Sizzlewich was started out of the love between a grandmother and her grandson. At a young age, our founder Tony Vo’s favorite food was the traditional Vietnamese Banh Xeo which is a Vietnamese Crepe/Pancake. (Unlike the French version, Banh Xeo is made with rice flour and filled with different meat as toppings.) Tony’s grandmother would take every opportunity to make sure her grandson’s favorite food was always available. Because it’s very labor-intensive to prepare this dish, Tony decided to learn how to do it himself, so that his grandmother would no longer have to do it. However, she would never give him the opportunity if he was at home. Even when Tony came home from college, his grandmother would have Banh Xeo ready for him on the table.

Because of her love and dedication, Tony wants to open a restaurant that sells Banh Xeo and plans to dedicate the restaurant to his grandmother. But he also wants to modify the Banh Xeo with his own twist. We substitute lettuce for the traditional bean sprouts offer turkey, ham, bacon, salami, and roast beef as toppings. This variation has become known as the Sizzlewich. We are proud to be the home to the first Sizzlewich!





Sister restaurant to Waterbean Coffee. Yes, same great coffee also serve here!

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Proud to be home of the first Sizzlewich!

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Local craft beer on taps along with hand selected wine.

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